True Knowledge - Lecturer Marsha Todd: Uncovering the secrets to happiness, learn from the blue zones in the world! 

Other topics covered: Social Media and the rise of loneliness, social comparison, and meditation. 

True Knowledge - Professor Thomas Simpson: Current US Economic Condition, Trade war, and the fate of the USA in the next 10-15 years!

Questions are asked:

Which are the fastest growing economies? 

Federal debt and how far could we push it?

A look into the future... 

True Knowledge - Professor Len Lecci: The Secrets to the Big 5 Personality Test, we will be talking about the field of psychology, it`s current problems, and some of the interesting research on concussion prevention!  

Ever wonder what the academically trained expert thinks about Big Foot? Existence of Aliens? 9/11? Don`t have the time to read all of the declassified documents?

Today, we bring you Professor David Bollinger from University of North Carolina Wilmington: Rhetoric of conspiracy. He teaches an honor`s course on conspiracy theories. We will be talking about how 95% of conspiracies comes from ancient myths and the 5% that are backed up by convincing evidence... Listen in to find out what the declassified documents say about out of space visitors?